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There is a huge gap in the market between ants and their need for their own pants, good thing stickerapp exists. Easy for everyone from ants, to aunts, to antreprenuers. But no need to stop at ants, make stickers for all the critters and crawlers. Design, print, receive, and stick.

a black ant in blue jeans

Start creating!

We prepare each design before production. Got a request? Leave a comment in our editor.


Do the Jitterbug

Creating custom stickers for your business or personal use is so easy, you’ll have plenty of spare time to learn a new dance or start an ant farm. Hate bugs? See what else you can do with stickers in the videos below.

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Founder of 4. Maker of ant pants. World’s first antrepreneur. He understands the needs of the specially limbed and is uniquely positioned to #MonetizeInsects.

four armed man sewing sticker pants
black ant in circus canon

Ant in Pants

Looking good, dewd!

Fishing rod caught the StickerApp logo

Tap into your creativity and make custom Stickers & Labels.

With our custom stickers and labels, you can transform any idea into a vibrant reality. Perfect for personalizing gifts, promoting your brand, or adding that special touch to your projects. Why settle for ordinary? Dive into endless possibilities and let your imagination run wild!


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