About StickerApp

StickerApp is a leading manufacturer of stickers, labels, and decals. Our headquarters and primary production facility are located in Lomma, Sweden, where production, support, IT, management, and our creative team collaborate to offer world-class, unique products. Our diverse customer base includes artists, consumers, and businesses worldwide.

Ordering Stickers Online

Our main focus is to simplify the process of creating and ordering stickers, labels, and decals. Through digital tools directly connected to our factory, we can produce high-quality stickers in both small and large volumes. Through innovation and determination, we have streamlined processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure quality.


We are thrilled to have built a community with customers and artists, a cool club contributing collectively to exploring the potential of stickers. We are impressed by the creativity and artistry, proud to have gathered a large following on social media, especially on Instagram, where hundreds of thousands are inspired daily by various works. It's fantastic to see so many maintaining their playful and rebellious attitude where the limit ends and the sticker begins.

Experience and Service

Our teams continuously work to enhance the customer experience. It should not only be easy and smooth to create and order but also enjoyable and exciting to use our services. We stand out from competitors through our unique tools and personal effort in reviewing all orders. We offer excellent service and support to ensure your satisfaction with the end result. Try it, and you'll see!

Global Player

With our entrepreneurial focus and adventurous spirit, the journey continues at full speed. From being the largest in Sweden to dominating in the Nordic region, we are now influential in the USA, Japan, Germany, and France, with a growing presence in many other countries. The company is characterized by a commitment to improvement, staying at the forefront, and using the latest technology. Our factory in Lomma utilizes the most advanced technology and printing techniques, while our teams constantly explore new materials and methods.


StickerApp Regardless of your starting point and your needs for stickers, labels, and decals, we are your sidekick, always there and always delivering. StickerApp is your radar partner in the lush jungle of creativity and stickers.

How to make stickers

let our StickerCat show you how to make a sticker - Is easy!