Sample Pack

Get a feel for our custom sticker materials, laminates, and CMYK colour pallets, all included in this sample pack for £2.


What's Inside

In this pack, you’ll get your hands on several die cut stickers in different materials and in some cases with different laminates, demonstrating some of our most sought-after sticker options. Wanna go pro? You’ll also find some colourful CMYK charts in this pack to use for planning your design.

2x Vinyl Stickers With glossy and matte laminate Vinyl material
2x Clear Stickers With glossy and matte laminate Clear material
2x Holographic Stickers With glossy and matte laminate Holographic material
Glitter Sticker With glossy laminate Glitter material
2x Mirror Stickers With glossy and matte laminate Mirror material
Brushed Sticker With glossy laminate Brushed material
Kraft Paper sticker Uncoated, no laminate Kraft material
Pixie Dust Sticker With glossy laminate Pixie Dust material
3D Dome sticker Epoxy laminate More about epoxy
Heavy Duty sticker 12 mil laminate More about heavy duty
Removable sticker With glossy laminate More about removable
custom prismatic stickers Prismatic sticker With glossy laminate Prismatic material

We also added some colour charts

Determine the perfect palette for your designs with our comprehensive CMYK colour charts. These resource charts will allow you to see first-hand how each color comes to life when combined on our different materials.

Colour charts

Holographic, glossy/matte

Mirror, glossy/matte




Pixie Dust