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Kraft Paper Stickers

Made with 100% recycled paper.

Meet our environmentally friendly, high quality sticker material. Our kraft paper material made from recyled paper is the premium option for reaching an earthy rustic looking sticker. These paper stickers are strong but like most paper products, should be kept out of the rain and away from water to preserve your sticker as long as possible.

Is easy! StickerCat. Let us know in a comment where you want the material effects to show in your design.
Custom kraft paper stickers
Any shape
Precisely cut to your design
100% recycled
Paper material
Full colour coverage
Personalised with all colours

Print kraft paper stickers

Choose the cutline, size, and quantity. Upload your design and go to our editor.


Get Krafty!

This material can instantly give any sticker a rustic effect. Better yet, since this sticker is made from 100% recycled paper, it's easy to write on. Create place settings and write your guests names in them, or create labels for jars, packages, and more.

The eco-sticker

Opt for the most sustainable sticker option with this recycled material. But don't let its recycled appearance mislead you. You can still print any colour on this material.


How to order kraft paper stickers

  • Select material "kraft" above.
  • Upload your file to create your custom order.
  • Leave us a comment to let us know which parts of your design should show the pure brown kraft paper.
  • Select your shipping and pay.

Let us know if you have any questions or additional requests!

Product Features
Material Name Kraft Paper Permanent adhesive
Laminate Uncoated
Available products Die cut, Kiss cut, Sticker sheet, Hang tag
Size restrictions Max 27 cm in one direction
Back paper print No
Pink Ink Yes
Invisible Ink Yes
Opacities No
Metallics colors No
Recycled Yes
PVC Free Yes
UV proof No
Waterproof No
Dishwasher safe No
Scratchproof No
Full colour print Yes
Removable Yes
Back Slit No
Height 0,158mm (Uncoated)
No, kraft paper stickers don't have a protective laminate, which makes them unsuitable for outdoor application. They aren't protected against the weather, they aren't waterproof and they will fade in the sun.
No, kraft paper stickers don't have a protective laminate, so they aren't protected against water damage.
As kraft paper stickers don't have a protective laminate, they are the least durable of our materials. They are best-suited for indoor use, for example in bullet journals or as labels on homemade products. Due to the lack of protective laminate, kraft paper stickers are also the best for writing on, so they are the best choice for to-do list, reminders, and hand-written labels.
Yes, our kraft paper stickers can be cut into almost any custom shape with rounded edges. The maximum size for kraft paper stickers is 27 cm (47") on one side, so there is a wide variety of shape and size possibilities.

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"StickerApp is a perfect match for us with all the different materials, short lead times, efficient customer support and the fact that we can control cutlines directly in our original file etc..."
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Sticker Savages
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Sourpuss Clothing

Get Inspired. Get Creative.

Check out these krafty aestehtic stickers from some artists who love StickerApp and get inspired.

Kraft paper design by @Bloodstrokes

Kraft paper design by @the.wild.adventure.co

Kraft paper design by StickerApp

Kraft paper design by @PantherPunk


Good to know details about Kraft Paper

  • Full CMYK colour print + white
  • Kraft Paper Permanent adhesive
  • Uncoated - paper feel
  • PVC free product
  • The perfect canvas for vibrant CMYK colours
  • Available as sticker sheets

Your will not be charged per printed colour

Make a design with as many colours and effects as you want, you'll always pay the same price

What our customers say about Kraft

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5 / 5 • 3 reviews
Trustpilots star ratings 5 / 5
Value for money
Trustpilots star ratings 5 / 5
Louis TF,
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Nice lo-fi feel to these, good stickiness and matt finish.
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
michael prosper,
Trustpilots star ratings More Details a small caret
Perfect as always
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
CMA MediaInsuranceBroker GmbH,
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Very well done
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
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