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Sticker Add-ons

When it comes to self-expression, nothing quite compares to a personalised sticker. Elevate your stickers to the next level with our selection of add-ons.


Limitless Potential with Add-ons

With our diverse range of laminates and inks, the potential for personalising stickers knows no bounds. Laminates can enhance stickers with durability, UV protection, water resistance, and captivating holographic icy finishes, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. On the other hand, our inks can produce a plethora of effects, including neon colours and even UV reactive features. Whether for branding, marketing, or individual expression, custom stickers serve as an excellent means to infuse flair into any project or product.

In any size or shape
Precisely cut to your design
Wide range of materials
Endless possibilities for your design
Water and dishwasher safe
Keep your design intact

How to use our add-ons

Here are some common questions on how to make and order special feature stickers

No, it's a laminate that covers the entire sticker. When incorporating special effects like cracked ice into stickers, a transparent laminate is applied across the entire sticker surface. It is not feasible to apply the effect selectively without also applying the laminate, which provides protection to the sticker and amplifies the desired effect.
Back paper print is a printing technique applied to the removable paper liner at the back of your custom stickers. This feature provides an additional area for incorporating details about your brand, such as your website URL, social media handles, or contact information. It also serves as an ideal spot to include a QR code for customer scanning or to incorporate another delightful design element that complements the front of your sticker. Back paper print seamlessly integrates with the front design of your sticker while offering a practical and imaginative way to provide added value and information to your custom stickers.
UV reactive ink undergoes a remarkable transformation when exposed to UV light. Our pink UV ink radiates an intensified neon pink glow, whereas our invisible ink becomes visible exclusively under UV light. This captivating effect is achieved by employing distinctive pigments that emit light at a higher wavelength. Utilising UV reactive ink is an excellent method to infuse stickers with a distinctive and attention-grabbing allure, particularly in dimly lit environments.
Our holographic cracked ice laminate features a delightful frosty texture adorned with a captivating holographic pattern. When illuminated, it produces a dazzling and shimmering effect that truly catches the eye. By applying this laminate, not only do your stickers become more prominent and attention-grabbing, but they also benefit from an additional layer of protection against wear and tear. The use of holographic cracked ice laminate adds an enchanting wow factor to your stickers, making them even more memorable and visually striking..
No, it is not possible to combine all of the add-ons on a single sticker. Each add-on, such as neon pink ink, UV reactive ink, or holographic cracked ice laminate, possesses its own distinct characteristics and effects. However, you can utilise one of these add-ons to craft a one-of-a-kind and visually captivating custom sticker design.