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Wall Stickers

Easy to remove without damaging the wall.

Say goodbye to stripping the paint off your walls with personalised wall stickers. These speciality low-tack stickers are designed with wall and paint preservation in mind. So you can decorate your wall with custom designs, logos, signs, or any other kind of adhesive creation you have in mind.

Just leave us a comment in our sticker maker for any special wishes
Personalised wall stickers.
Without any residue
For indoor use
On smooth painted walls
Full colour print
White ink + colour

Make big wall stickers

Make your personalised wall sticker a die cut sticker, in any shape. Maximum size is 120cm on one side.


Save the walls

Decorating, or need to put up interior signage? Ditch the hammer and nails, use stickers instead. Wall stickers are perfect for interior decoration for businesses, kids rooms, and really any kind of room. Create signs and designs of all kinds for your walls.


How to order wall stickers

  • Choose your cutline, size and quantity. 
  • Upload your file to create your custom wall stickers. 
  • Select your shipping and pay! 

Let us know if you have any questions or additional requests!

Product Features
Shape Contour cut, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners.
On Sheet No
Full color print Yes
Size max 47.2" (120 cm) on one side
Materials White polyester fabric Low-tack adhesive for walls
Laminate Uncoated
No, low tack adhesive is suitable for walls.
Rest assured, our wall stickers are designed with a low tack adhesive that is specifically suitable for walls. When you decide to remove the stickers, they should come off cleanly without causing any damage or leaving behind residue, allowing you to update your wall decor without any worries.
Unfortunately, we do not recommend printing wall stickers in smaller sizes than those available on our website. However, if you require smaller stickers for surfaces where easy removability is essential, we recommend considering our removable stickers, which are specifically designed for that purpose. These removable stickers offer the flexibility to stick to walls or other objects while still being easily removable when needed.
Unfortunately, wall stickers are only available in our standard wall sticker material, which is white and does not offer transparent or special effects options. However, our wall stickers are designed to provide vibrant and long-lasting graphics, perfect for adding decorative elements to your walls.

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