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Personalised Stickers

Our personalised stickers are made using high-quality materials and printing techniques, ensuring that your design looks great and lasts for a long time.


Personalised stickers in any size or shape

With customised designs and sizes, you can quickly create stickers for branding, promotion, decoration, and logisitical use. Artist on the rise? Create unique designs for fans to show their support. Got business to do? Use stickers to promote products or services. Planning an event or party? Make a lasting impression and use personalised stickers for labels, invites, and more to make a truly unique experience. Personalised stickers are affordable, easy to distribute, and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as laptops, notebooks, water bottles, and even cars.

In any size or form
Precisely cut to your design
Wide variety of materials
Limitless opportunities for your design
High Standard
Personalised stickers

How to make personalised stickers

Here are some common questions on how to make and order custom stickers

Yes! If you want a smaller size, please choose the closest possible size in the editor and leave us a comment with the final dimensions. We will adjust it for you and the price will remain the same. Please keep in mind that if both sides are below 3cm, we will need to print your stickers on sheets.
It will depend on the size and the material. We have a required minimum of stickers of the same design that we have to print. If you want only one sticker, you might want to consider our A4 vinyl sheets.
The minimum order for die-cut custom stickers is £19. This option is for glossy-coated white vinyl. The number of stickers will depend on the size. The color and cut do not affect the minimum order.
You may go to our custom sticker page to see additional prices. The minimum order for custom stickers is £10, this option is a sheet of stickers.
This sheet is about a 22cm x 28cm page you can fill with as many stickers will fit. You can upload multiple designs here or fill the sheet with one design. These sheets are kiss cut where the individual sticker will peel away from the sheet.
No, each design needs to be saved as an individual file and uploaded as its own sticker. You can then save that to your cart and upload your next file.
When making stickers with the contour cutline, our editor will keep the original proportions of your artwork.

For example: If your artwork is originally 8cm x 5cm, with the contour cut, there is no way to make the stickers 8cm x 8cm. You will have to edit your artwork or use the circle/square stickers.