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Singles on sheets

A flawless peel every single time

Transform your creative vision into a collection of vibrant, personalized stickers with these Singles on Sheets. If you're looking to brand your products, personalize your gear, or craft the perfect giveaway, our sticker sheets are tailored to bring your unique designs to life. Peel, stick, and impress - every single time.

Singles on sheet. We prepare each design before production.
Got request? Leave a comment in our editor.
Custom Labels on sheet.
Effortless application
Allow you peel with ease
Material effects
Ensure your stickers stand out
Precision perfection
Experience our sharp production

Make single Stickers on Sheet

This customization applies to the single stickers, not the sheet, which is standardized for optimal use.


Useful singles every time you need them

Dive into a world where your creativity knows no bounds. It's your opportunity to make a mark, to brand, personalize, and express in vivid color and striking detail. Whether you're branding your startup's swag, personalizing your gadgets and gear, or creating memorable giveaways for your next big event, our Singles on Sheets are crafted with your benefits in mind.


How to order Singles sheets

  • Make initial choices on shape, material, size and quantity

  • Upload file with your sticker design

  • Edit the image in our Editor (optional)

  • Note: The preview in our editor will show you the single sticker, not the whole sheet

  • Note: Size of the sheet is standardized and each order receives our personalized touch to ensure it's optimized

  • If you have preferences for the dimensions or orientation of your design, let us know by writing a comment in the editor

  • When your done editing; add to cart, possibly add more products, place the order and expect a swift delivery!

We will send confirmation to you via email once the order has been received and reviewed. You can contact us by writing a comment when placing the order, or reach out to us via email in advance. We offer extended customer support to business clients and have regular collaborations. Let’s talk!


Product Features
Shape Contour cut, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners.
On Sheet Yes
Full color print CMYK
Size Max 10.8" (27.5 cm) on one side
Materials Available on all materials
Singels on Sheet are available in all our materials, including white vinyl, holographic, pixie dust, prismatic, glitter, mirror, and paper, as well as hi-tack and lo-tack variants. Reach out to us if you have any questions or special requests.
Using our sticker maker and editor, you can specify the size and shape of your stickers, tailoring them precisely to your needs. The dimensions of the sheet and the numbers of stickers on each sheet depend on your choices. We offer standardized sheet sizes and ensure optimal material usage to accommodate you design efficiently, usually about 4.7" to 5.1" (120-130 mm) in width.
There are no limits to your creativity. From personal photos and logos to custom artwork and text, as long as your design adheres to our printing guidlines, we can bring it to life.
Upon receiving your order, our team manually reviews and optimizes every design to ensure it's perfectly suited for printing. If we need any adjustment, we'll reach out to you directly.
Our stickers are made to last. Printed on high-quality, durable materials, they are resistant to water, sunlight, and scratches, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This durability applies to all materials except kraft paper, and varies depending on the laminat you choose.
Production times can vary based on order size and specifications, but we strive to get your stickers to you as quickly as possible. Standard orders typically ship within a few business days.

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Mark Begbie,
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Bespoke and high quality!
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Illuminated Panda,
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Excellent service, fast, high quality, and well priced. Will be buying again
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