Cracked Ice
Holographic Laminate

What’s crackin’? Our new frosty holographic laminate, that’s what!


Our new ‘Cracked Ice Holographic’ laminate will give your stickers a shimmery finish that can be applied to your entire sticker. But this laminate is limited edition and only available while supplies last. Ice doesn’t stick around forever you know…

Hover or click on the pic to see the effect! 


Stickers with cracked ice holographic laminate in lots of materials - StickerApp

Stacked stickers with cracked ice laminate - StickerApp

Feeling Frosty?
Order on Vinyl, Clear or Holo Material and leave a comment for “Cracked Ice Holo” and we will add this special finish on your stickers

What’s the scoop on Cracked Ice Holo Laminate?

  • It’s a finish that is applied as a laminate over your whole sticker
  • It’s waterproof
  • The shimmer effect creates glittery reflections in different lightings
  • It can be applied outdoors but keep in mind it is not UV resistant so colours might fade quicker
  • You can order this laminate on our Vinyl, Clear, Holographic materials
  • It’s sparkly and shiny
  • It can be combined with back paper printing

But just a reminder, like anything else icey, it’s best to keep this out of the sun!

Stickers with Cracked Ice Holo finish are not UV resistant. The sticker will still be super durable and will last a while, but is not guaranteed to be as vibrant or long lasting when exposed to the elements outdoors.

Cracked ice custom stickers.

Why do we love this laminate?

  • It’s an awesome finish that will make your artwork extra eye catching.
  • The frosty look is pretty cool for things like playing card stickers, invitations, labels, and more.
  • It looks especially nice on clear stickers. Our cracked ice holographic laminate is a fun way to add fun frosty sparkly details to mirrors and windows that catch the sun; almost like suncatcher foil. 
glas with a invisible ink sticker.
Entry ticket with invisible ink.

Things to Keep in Mind with Cracked Ice

This finish is a laminate that will cover your whole sticker, and cannot be applied to only certain parts of your sticker. We recommend adding it to your sticker designs that are not too detailed since the effect itself is almost like a pattern. 

When applied on our clear material it can create gorgeous reflective effects when placed in windows. In the daylight it will catch the reflections from the sun. However, it won’t light up the whole room in rainbow colours quite like a suncatcher window foil does.


Design samples

Cracked ice sticker with a horse with a dog on the back.Design by @whotattooedyou

Cracked ice sticker with skull and flowers.Design by @still.groovy

Custom sticker with a chicken with cracked ice laminate.Design by @remiandoliver

Cute cat on cracked ice custom sticker.Design by @remiandoliver