Make custom stickers

Piss of eagles with custom stickers. Turn your own designs into stickers with eagle eye catching effects that glitz, glimmer, and shine to the skies. Upload your design, click click click, we’ll print, pack, and ship, and voila. Custom stickers that make eagles angry. 

an eagle in crutches

Create stickers and labels

We prepare each design before production. Got a request? Leave a comment in our editor.


Not just for pissing of eagles

Friend to eagles? Print custom stickers for other purposes like wall stickers, laptop stickers, and labels. See what’s in store in the videos below.

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A real fisherman’s fisherman. He makes stickers of fish to trick eagles – because what’s funnier than an eagle diving full-speed into a rock, ya know?

an elderly man with a big moustache looking startled
an orange confused fish

Clueless Fish

This is a clueless fish. There’s nothing too exciting about him other than he’s a tricky trickster. He’s a replica sticker of Wick’s pet fish bob who was gobbled up by the bald Eagle. Bald eagle thought he’d get another bob but he got rocks.

Fishing rod caught the StickerApp logo

Tap into your creativity and make custom Stickers & Labels.

With our custom stickers and labels, you can transform any idea into a vibrant reality. Perfect for personalizing gifts, promoting your brand, or adding that special touch to your projects. Why settle for ordinary? Dive into endless possibilities and let your imagination run wild!


Dive into our Nakedguyeagleverse

Watch more videos about our Nakedguyeagleverse series.