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Stickers within a sticker? Folks, it’s all possible. If you’re a “the more the merrier”-kind of person, custom sticker sheets are for you. Personalise them anyway you want.

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What’s the deal with sticker sheets?

These guys are pretty much what they sound like – multiple stickers on a single sheet. And they can come in about a zillion different ways. 

Holographic Sticker Sheet for Halloween by StickerApp

So. What exactly is a sticker sheet? Pretty much what it sounds like – multiple stickers on a single sheet. The neat thing about them is that you can add a whole load of designs, in any way you like. And these fellas are super customizable – down to the very shape of the actual sheet. There’s no need for it to be rectangular or square (unless you want that of course). Make it a heart. Or a skull. Or whatever tickles your fancy. And if you’re thinking that the actual stickers can also come in any shape, you’re right on the money. How you choose to lay them out is completely up to you, so why not go a little bananas?

Material and size of sticker sheets

What about material? Well. Feel free to choose from whatever which one*. Kraft Paper? Check. Holographic? Double check. Vinyl, Prismatic or Clear?  Check, check, check. And if you go with one of our vinyl materials, you can get a matte finish instead of glossy (just let us know in the comment section before placing your order).

And size? You can make the sheet as big as 122x122 cm, and your stickers as small as 3x3 cm. You’ll need to have both a 2 mm safety margin and bleed for every sticker, and 2 mm spacing between stickers and edge of sheet. Check out this image to get a visual.

Personalised Sticker Sheets - StickerApp



 Safe zone

 Full image bleed

Important! 2 mm bleeds, and 2 mm between each sticker cutline  

MAKE YOUR sticker sheets


How sticker sheets's done

Making your own custom sticker sheets is easy peasy. Just follow the steps below, and all that is left is to sit and wait for your stickers to land on your doorstep.

  • Choose the Square cutline option.
  • Enter the Size you want for the total sheet.
  • Select your Quantity and Material.
  • Upload your file with cutlines (see below).
  • Leave a comment on your order that it’s a sticker sheet. And don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything else, like a matte finish.

That’s it, folks.
Oh, and you need to add it to your cart and pay but that’s a given.

Now, let’s get to the cutlines.

First, you’ll need Adobe Illustrator. Simply open your artwork and do the following:

  • Create your cutline as a path.
  • Make a 100 % Magenta color swatch and name it “Die Cut Colour”. Do the same if you want a shape other than a rectangle for your sheet.
  • Save file as PDF or AI. The editor should read the cutlines in your file, but if not, please let us know in the comments section to use them.

Easy peasy.



Looking for some inspiration?

Check out some of the fine-looking work below, all made by you folks. A whole array of different shapes, sizes and materials that just goes to show that our sticker sheets are just as customizable as we make them out to be.

Sticker Sheet by Mighty Short Design Co
Sticker Sheet by Lilla Stationary
Sticker Sheet by Dead but Delicious
Sticker Sheet by David Leutert
Close up on Sticker Sheet by Mighty Short Design Co
Close up on Sticker Sheet by Lilla Stationary
Close up on Sticker Sheet by Dead but Delicious
Close up on Sticker Sheet by David Leutert

Thank you, @mightyshort, LillaStationery, Dead but Delicious and @davidleutert for some mighty fine work.