How to leave a comment?

Before you place your order, make it extra great by leaving a comment in the editor. You'll see a comment box icon on the right-hand side of the editor, where all your customization options are. Click to expand and type in any specific design your sticker instructions there!


Here you will find the comments section where you can post your requests.


Creating your sticker to match your vision isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help!  We love it when customers like you leave detailed comments about what they want their stickers to look like. It ensures you’re happy with your stickers and allows us to give you a faster and easier experience. Here are some tips to follow when leaving a comment! 


How to leave a good comment at StickerApp.

DO: Tell us…

  • The details: Specify the areas and details you want to have the effect on, even if these areas are transparent in your file. To be extra clear, tell us which parts to leave opaque or fill in with the effect, and let us know if you want the border of your sticker to have the effect.
  • Cutline requests: If the editor is being a lil stubborn and isn’t showing your desired cutline, leave us a comment and we’ll override what you see on the editor with your requested cutline.
  • Color changes: Let us know if you want to change the color(s) of your design, for example, if you want all the white areas in your design to be blue instead. Please make sure you send us the CMYK value for this color. This is even more relevant when you want to use an add-on like Pink ink! Don’t assume any pink on your design will print with our special pink ink. For this special ink you GOTTA leave us a comment!
  • Proof before printing: Do not expect to receive a proof automatically. Ask and you shall receive.
  • Specify the exact parts of the design you want us to leave opaque or fill in with effect. Make the comment as detailed as necessary.
  • “Just Make it Cool”: Pick a  material and leave a comment for our graphic support to spice up your sticker the way we see best fit! We’ve seen thousands of stickers and can help liven it up just right! But you have to let us know if you want us to work our magic.

How to leave a bad comment at StickerApp.

DON'T: Tell us...

  • Tell us about your day: We hope you’re having a great day, we do. But our editor/comment box is not the place for life updates.
  • Shipping questions or instructions: We’d teleport your stickers to you if we could. But our graphic support team does not double as shipping logistic experts. If you have instructions regarding shipping or delivery, please leave them in the address field and not as a comment in the editor.
  • Add multiple designs: We cannot split the minimum quantity for a specific material into multiple designs. Please upload 1 design per minimum sticker quantity.
  • Delivery dates: If you ask us to deliver your order on a certain date and haven't ordered with express shipping. Please check the estimated delivery date for a delivery timeline. Again, do not write this in the comment section in the editor. The appropriate department won’t see this message.
  • Gift notes: Don't add comments with messages you want to send to a specific person. For example: “Happy birthday Dad, here are some stickers for you”. It’s a nice thought, but this message isn’t going to appear anywhere.
  • Proof: A common question we get in the comment box is “Can you send me a photo once it has been printed?” Unfortunately, we can´t do this but we are happy to send you a proof before the stickers are confirmed for production.  
  • Multiple effects: We love your creative spirit and that you wanna add effects to your designs. But unfortunately, we cannot combine, for example, holographic and glitter since these are different materials.
  • Design services: We want your sticker to turn out the way you imagine but please do not upload a photo of a design and ask us to vectorize your file. We do not offer design services, so we cannot recreate your designs for you!



Leave a good comment at StickerApp.

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