Personalised Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are groovy baby. Make your custom stickers shine with our rainbowy, iridescent, holographic sticker material. 

This gorgeous yet durable material will give your stickers an eye-catching psychedelic look that will turn heads. With this material, you can have an entirely holographic sticker or choose for only certain details on your sticker to be holographic. Whatever you choose, you’ll be mesmerised by that rainbow oil-slick look.

Why do we Love Holographic Stickers?

  • Well first of all, who wouldn’t?! They are just so dang pretty.
  • They will stick to almost anything and are built to last
  • They will add some flair to a company logo, without changing your company colours!
  • They add a special spice to any sticker
  • You can have different colour holographic stickers. So instead of just a standard rainbow hue, you can make a pink holographic, blue, yellow, etc. Whatever CMYK colour you want can be turned holographic.
  • You can print on the backside of them! Holographic is one of the materials that is compatible with back paper printing.

Like the idea but need some inspiration?

With our custom sticker editor, you can make any design you can think of to be printed on holographic vinyl. The colours will pop and the vinyl will give them a nice clean finish. Stick 'em on a laptop, a jar, a glass, a notebook, make a bottle label, a holographic business card you can stick anywhere. The list is endless. 


This holographic sticker material is ideal for almost every sticky situation.

Holographic Spaceman Custom sticker - StickerApp

Spaceman - Holographic sticker by @dimitrisvovlas

Custom Holographic sticker with a pencil in the hair - StickerApp

Girl with a pen in the hair - holographic sticker by @adrien.ghenassiaa

Kinky monster Holographic sticker - StickerApp

Monster - holographic sticker by @knusperlaf

Holographic Custom Sticker - StickerApp

Goat - holographic sticker by @amanda.tulacz

The Holographic Details

Print white and tell us which colours you want holographic. Or opt to have white printed behind parts of your design to keep them opaque and not holographic!  


Here’s the low-down on our Holographic:


  • Compatible with cracked ice finish
  • Full-colour print
  • White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive
  • PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
  • 2-4 years outdoor life
  • PVC free product
  • Back paper print available