Personalised Vinyl Stickers

Make your own customised vinyl stickers on our best selling sticker material. 

Our versatile vinyl is super strong and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Stickers made on this material will withstand any kind of weather, will stay strong through the dishwasher, and are UV protected so they will stay shiny and vibrant for up to 4 years.

Why do we love Vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers are the OG multipurpose sticker. 

  • They are ideal for slapping on a laptop or a water bottle to make a statement or rep a brand
  • They work perfectly on windows if you want to decorate a storefront or stick them on a car window
  • They won’t leave that annoying leftover paper mess when you peel them off
  • They keep their sticky and can be reapplied if you remove them
  • They are high quality and they are just nice to touch. (don’t mind us over here just petting our stickers)
  • The vinyl is scratch-proof. So no matter where you’re slapping these bad-boys, on the underside of a skateboard, on a surfboard, wherever, they will stay looking brand new for a long time! 


Like the idea but need some inspiration?

With our custom sticker editor, you can make any design you can think of to be printed on white vinyl. The colours will pop and the vinyl will give them a nice clean finish. Stick 'em on a surfboard, a skateboard, a car bumper, a wine glass, a notebook, a helmet, make a bottle label, a vinyl business card you can stick anywhere. The list is endless. 


This classic sticker material is ideal for almost every sticky situation.


Choose a glossy or matte finish?

Glossy laminate vinyl stickers

If you’re looking for that traditional plastic yet smooth feeling sticker then you should opt for a glossy laminate finish to your sticker. This laminate is super durable and is UV protected so is great for outdoor usage.

Matte laminate stickers

If you’re looking for that soft and dry looking finish then opt for matte laminate. The satin soft touch surface gives an anti-glare finish while still preserving the vibrancy of colours. Use this matte finish over holographic and glitter if you want to tone down the vibrant effect. Matte laminate is not UV resistant and is best for indoor use.

Either laminate can be applied to all materials except Epoxy and Kraft Paper. 

Die cut or kiss cut, it’s up to you!

Wait, what is die cut?

Die cut is a term in the arts and crafty world that refers to a certain way the sticker is cut. Die cutting is a process performed by a machine that will cut your design along specified lines to achieve your desired shape! We can make any shape on vinyl stickers, just let us know where to cut and our handy dandy machines will do the rest.

And kiss cut?

These stickers, unlike die-cut, are cut through the vinyl but not the backing. Think of it like a sticker sheet. With a kiss cut you can still make super intricate cut lines with a large back paper, or make several stickers with a unique cut on the same sticker sheet. Once applied both kiss-cut and die-cut look the same.

We can also cut the standard circle, oval, rectangle, and square shapes, no problem.

Monster custom vinyl sticker - StickerApp

Monster - Vinyl sticker by @iamasinner

Shark in a skirt - vinyl sticker - StickerApp

Shark in a skirt - Custom vinyl sticker by @krystansaintcat

Skull and a snake vinyl sticker - StickerApp

Skull and snake - Vinyl sticker by @lowcloudcanada

Wrestler Custom sticker - StickerApp

Wrestler - Vinyl die cut sticker by @mannymcflyoriginals

Vinyl stickers

When you choose vinyl material, your sticker will be printed on white premium adhesive vinyl and will be sealed with a glossy weather-resistant laminate. This laminate will give your customised vinyl stickers a 2-4 year (minimum) outdoor life. As a standard, we print custom vinyl stickers on a PVC-free film that’s environmentally friendly. 


Here’s the low-down on our vinyl: