And that’s a wrap! Snag a sticker pack of the most liked stickers of 2022

What’s the deal?

All year long we’ve been showing off some of the sickest designs and sticker art that you guys have made. We’ve been keeping an eye on what stickers you all have liked the most and now we’ve got a list of the 12 most liked stickers of 2022.

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Meet the Artists!

From all over the world, check out the talented artists behind each design.


a holographic sticker of a floppy disk with caffeine, weird dreams and sad songs

Keri draws inspiration for her creations from emotions, songs, and dreams, and loves nostalgic art. Her design is printed on our holographic material.

Transparent die cut sticker with salty tears in a bottle

@useless_treasures loves adding extra to the ordinary in a pop-surrealist style. This design is printed on our clear material.

sticker with an octopus in a transparent plastic bag

Ryan is a surrealist artist that expresses his love of animals and food through humorous art. Ryan had this design printed on our clear material.

Vinyl die cut sticker with a kitten and a skeleton cuddling

Tiina aka @therese_nothing is a Germany-based artist known to draw skeletons and their pet cats. Her design is printed on our classic, glossy vinyl.

Holographic sticker with an abstract sushi box with miniature characters in it.

Stefan loves isometric art and sushi, thus the inspiration for this sticker. His sticker is printed on holographic material.

Glitter sticker with a tripled frog trying to spread peace from a mushroom

Krystan Saint Cat’s art is described as cutesy-retro style but with a grouchy edge. The design is printed on our glitter material.

Matte holographic sticker with a bat that looks frighteningly like Nic Cage - bat rage?

@stupidanimals Loves to draw spooky things, cat butts, and sometimes Nicholas Cage. Nick Cage is printed on our holographic material with a matte finish.

Holographic sticker of a slithering snake

Stephanie is a tattooist, painter, and illustrator who is inspired by unique creatures in nature. Stephanie used our holographic material for this sticker.

sexy ghost as a glitter sticker

@sami.kerwin is a stop motion artist & illustrator with a love of mixing spooky with cute. Sami gave her ghost a sparkly leg using our glitter material.

Mirror Sticker with an evil cat holding a magic crystal ball

@pedrocorrea84 is a contemporary yet retro illustrator for the music and entertainment industry. Pedro’s design is printed on our mirror material with a glossy finish.

Transparent sticker with spray bottle containing

Josephine loves to use color in her art and is based in Hawaii which inspires her tropical designs. Her design is printed on clear material with our Cracked Ice finish.

Die cut vinyl sticker with a slightly naughty Santa

This sultry Santa was created by a member of our team at StickerApp. Someone's on the naughty list. Santa is struttin’ his stuff on our mirror material.

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