Get the 12 most-liked stickers of 2021 in an exclusive Sticker Pack, with designs created by none other than you folks – our trusty customers.



Most liked sticker pack 2021 stickers

What’s the deal?

The verdict is in - these stickers are the most-liked of each month of 2021. Twelve designs, in a whole load of different styles in some of your favourite materials. Like cartoon hands? Maybe karate dongs? How about a sassy Santa? Well. You’re in luck. This exclusive pack is a mixed bag of epic stickers. How about that.

Stickerapp stickerpack stickers most liked 2021

Meet the Artists

From all over the world, check out the talented artists behind each design.


Super Freak sticker - Most Liked 2021 in januari at StickerApp

Illustrator who gets his fix from Pop Art, dad humor and odd-ball characters. The result? Spanky, the cartoon hand - say hi!

Reza Ray sticker - Most Liked 2021 in February at StickerApp

This fella is both a dandy Illustrator and designer, with a hidden talent - making custom fishing lures.

Kohenoor Kamal sticker - Most Liked 2021 in Mars at StickerApp

Illustrator who works with multiple elements in her designs and enjoys combining her two loves – food and illustration.

Kushudama sticker - Most Liked 2021 in April at StickerApp

This doodler loves animals and the challenge of combining them with dongs – creating the hybrids with watercolours.

Melissa at Creative Crittercrafts sticker- Most Liked 2021 in May at StickerApp

Artist by day, amateur muppet maker by night – this crafty creator makes some mean typography stickers.

John Smith sticker- Most Liked 2021 in June at StickerApp

Graphic designer? Illustrator? Secret wizard? Yes to all the above. This artist not only makes stickers, but some neat life drawings as well.

Porous Walker sticker- Most Liked 2021 in July at StickerApp

No surprises here – this artist has a love for shaking things up with a bit of humour and a lot of dongs.

Voodoo Salad sticker - Most Liked 2021 in August at StickerApp

This freelance illustrator has a knack for trippy, surreal imagery, and has tinkered with everything from NFTs to animation.

Nora Marleen sticker - Most Liked 2021 in September at StickerApp

Strategic communicator who gets a kick out of anything taboo or controversial. Oh, and humorous illustrations.

Will Gaskell sticker - Most Liked 2021 in October at StickerApp

This illustrator has a flair for dotwork, and making his designs realistic and cartoon-y at the same time.

Kaelyn Draws sticker - Most Liked 2021 in November at StickerApp

The creator of this grown-up childhood favorite is an art student, who’s big on quirky, cartoon-style characters.

Fox and Cactus sticker - Most Liked 2021 in December at StickerApp

Artist and animator duo with a soft spot for anything sweet and sassy – in the shape of stickers, jewellery and stationery.

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