Size guide

Size matters

We are often asked questions about what size sticker is best suited to different needs. It is also not unusual that someone orders a size that does not meet their expecta- tions. On your screen the stickers in our editor all look the same size, it can be hard to visualize what a certain size will be like in real life. As we can’t know what you expect, this guide can aid you in finding the ideal size for your stickers.

Standard sticker sizes

The standard sizes on our website can aid you if you don’t have a set size in mind for your stickers. They go from 1” x 1” to 8” x 4” . Please note that you can always change the size to a custom one, both at the first step and later in the editor.
What size is right for you only you can know, but think about where they will be placed and how much space you want them to take. How much detail there is and from how far they should be visible might also factor in.

Sticker size and material:

Our standard sticker sizes compared to everyday objects