Kiss Cut Stickers

If you want a fancy shmancy sticker that’s easy to peel off from the backing, then kiss-cut stickers are probably the exact thing you need.

Whether you want to make a whole page of easily peelable stickers, or just want your individual stickers to have a larger backing, opting for kiss cut stickers is a fabulous choice.

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Difference between die cut and kiss cut?

You might be familiar with ‘die cut’ but what makes a kiss cut sticker different? These stickers, unlike die cut, are cut through the vinyl but not the backing. Think of it like a sticker sheet.

Kiss cut stickers are easier to peel off, thanks to all that extra vinyl around your sticker. With a kiss cut you can still make super intricate cut lines, you’ll just have extra backing left over once you peek your sticker off. And best of all? Once applied both kiss-cut and die-cut look the same


Personalised Kiss cut Sticker

Kiss cut stickers of a kitten that sleeps in the sofa.

Easy to peel kiss cut stickers

Kiss cut stickers business card stickerapp.

Kiss cut stickers business card

Why We Love Kiss Cut Stickers

  • All that extra vinyl works as a protective frame, keeping delicate cutlines protected from getting bent until application
  • Works on any material
  • Can be applied to any size sticker
  • They are compatible with back paper printing
  • You can have a decorative vinyl sheet where your kiss cut stickers will live until they are peeled off


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The Kiss Cut Details

If you want to make kiss cut stickers, just leave us a comment on your order with clear instructions of where the cut lines are, and we’ll take care of the rest!

 Is easy!

Inspiration how to customize stickers?

Check out some of the fine-looking work below, all made by you folks. A whole array of different shapes, sizes and materials, that just goes to show that our die cut stickers are just as customizable as we make them out to be.