Wall Stickers

Make your own customised wall decals. Our wall decals are perfect for decorating the company's walls or the children's room. Also, easy to remove without damaging the wall.

Put a decal on the wall

Our custom wall stickers or decals are made with a thin textile sticker material with an adhesive made especially for painted walls, making these wall decals a great choice for wall decor. Great for large scale interior decorating, logos for offices, or just non permanent wall art. Wall stickers and wall decals are easy to apply and leave no damage when removed*.


  • Full colour print
  • Polyester fabric with removable adhesive*
  • For indoor use on smooth painted walls.
  • Allow newly painted walls to dry at least 30 days before installing wall stickers


* Depending on the condition of the material on the wall you put the stickers on. We don’t take any responsibility for damage to walls after removing the stickers.

Personalised Wall Stickers

Good times bad habits custom wall stickers

Wall sticker at a bar

Halloween custom wall sticker

Scary Halloween wall sticker

Custom street wall sticker

Custom wall stickers

Custom wall sticker little dragon

Little dragon wall sticker

Create Personalised Wall Stickers for Unique Wall Decor

Add a touch of personal style to your space with customised wall stickers. Whether you're looking to decorate your company's walls, add a playful touch to a children's room, or enhance any interior space, our wall decals offer a simple and effective solution. Designed for easy application and damage-free removal, these custom wall stickers are a versatile option for transforming your walls.

Elevate Your Wall Decor

Our wall stickers are made with a thin textile sticker material specifically designed for painted walls. This adhesive ensures easy application and removal without causing any damage or leaving behind any residue. With our custom wall decals, you can effortlessly enhance your interior decor, whether it's for large-scale decoration, office logos, or simply adding a touch of non-permanent wall art.

Vibrant and Versatile

Experience the power of full-colour print with our custom wall stickers. Let your creativity shine as you design eye-catching wall decals featuring vivid colours, captivating graphics, or personalised artwork. The polyester fabric used for our wall stickers, along with the removable adhesive, guarantees a high-quality and versatile solution for indoor use on smooth painted walls.

Simple Application, Damage-Free Removal

Applying our wall stickers is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions provided, and you'll have your custom wall decals up in no time. When it's time for a change or if you need to remove the stickers, rest assured that they can be easily peeled off without causing any damage to the walls. However, it's essential to consider the condition of the wall material, as we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may occur after removing the stickers. Please exercise caution and test a small area before applying the decals to ensure compatibility.

Customise Your Space

Let your walls reflect your unique style and personality. Our custom wall stickers can be tailored to your vision, allowing you to create wall decor that perfectly suits your space. From adding inspirational quotes to showcasing stunning artwork, the possibilities are endless. Just unleash your creativity and let our custom wall stickers bring your ideas to life.

*Depending on the condition of the wall material, we do not take responsibility for any damage that may occur after removing the stickers. We recommend allowing newly painted walls to dry for at least 30 days before applying the wall stickers to ensure optimal results.