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What's the deal with wedding stickers?

Looking to elevate your wedding aesthetic with personalised wedding stickers? We’ve got you covered.

Wedding stickers are the best way to affordably customise your wedding. The limit to what you can do with wedding stickers is endless. Whether you want to create a custom monogram logo for your big day, create elaborate centerpieces, or send a sticky “save the date”, wedding stickers are memorable and can make your entire decor aesthetic come together.

Through our easy sticker editor, you can create and upload custom designs to be printed on some seriously stunning sticker materials. We have tons of high quality optical materials like holographic, glitter, prismatic, mirror, matte, and kraft paper, that will bring some extra special flair to your big day!

With our easy to use editor you can make any kind of custom wedding sticker you can think of! But here’s a few of our favorite ideas to get you inspired.

Place Cards and Name Tags

Get your guests mingling with schnazzy write-on name tags that also double as place cards. 

Material suggestion: Print these on any material you like, with “matte laminate” so you can write your guests names on them. 

Leave this comment in your order: “make kiss cut around nametag and matte laminate”. 

This will ensure your place cards / name tags are the perfect small size and you can write on them! 

Wedding Games

Set the social scene at your wedding with fun interactive games that get the guests mingling. Wedding Bingo is a great way to keep your guests entertained. We offer back-side printing for stickers so you can print a bingo card on the back paper, and have sticker bingo markers on the front! 

Material suggestion: Print on vinyl, clear, holographic, or mirror materials for the backside printing option! 

Leave this comment in your order: “make kiss cut around the X’s”

That way all of the bingo markers can come off in separate pieces. 

Create bottle labels for your wedding - StickerApp

Bottle Labels

Create gorgeous custom bottle and glassware labels for your wedding. Any of our materials will work as a label, so upload your custom design or text and present some gorgeous bottles on your special day. 

Material suggestion: We think for glassware our clear material makes a great label so you won’t have trim around your design. For bottles we recommend our classic white vinyl.

Recommended size: ca. 3.5” x 4”

Invitation cards and save the date stickers - StickerApp

Invitations and Save the Dates

Create a special sticky reminder or invitation that your invited guests can stick somewhere so they don’t forget the date! You can also opt for a printed invitation on the backside with back paper printing, and a fun sticker of you and your betrothed or diary reminder sticker on the other side. 

Material suggestion: For back paper printing, choose vinyl, holographic, mirror, or clear material. 

A few more inspirational ideas

  • Thank you cards
  • Confetti bag lables
  • Match-Box labels
  • Table centerpieces
  • Goodie-Bag favors

These are some of our favourite ideas and suggestions but feel free to go wild with your wedding stickers. Customising your supplies and decor with stickers will make for an amazing memento for you and your guests. We know you’ll love them for years to come!

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