Floor Stickers

Custom floor stickers are the perfect way to grab attention in a high foot traffic place. They are laminated with a special floor laminate, a slip resistant film*, to give them grip and withstand the traffic.

Removable floor stickers for store

They are printed on a 3.4mil thick vinyl so they will lay almost seamless on the floor to prevent any tripping hazards. They can be removed when pleased and will not damage hard flooring. Can be made with a standard, hi-tack (outdoor use) or removable adhesive. Please comment if you wish anything other than standard. *DIN 51130 certified, we cannot be held liable for indirectly related damages and assumes no liability.


  • Full colour print
  • Slip resistant
  • Rough surface to provide better grip
  • Scratch proof laminate
  • Any shape or size


Floor sticker at the airport.

Floor stickers at the airport

Discount floor sticker.

Discount floor stickers

Floor stickers in store.

Floor stickers in store

Floor stickers show the way.

Floor stickers show the way

Jazz Up Your Space with Personalised Floor Stickers

Spruce up your promotional game and steal the spotlight in bustling areas with our custom-designed floor stickers. These bad boys are made to shine on the ground, delivering messages, flaunting products, or giving your brand that extra oomph.

A Dash of Allure, a Pinch of Sturdiness

Our floor stickers come coated with a special floor laminate, featuring a slip-resistant film* that's got the grip to handle the hustle and bustle. Built to catch eyes and endure the constant foot traffic, these stickers promise long-lasting visibility and impact.

Safety First, Seamless Style

Printed on a 3.4mil thick vinyl, our floor stickers know how to play it smooth. They lay almost seamlessly on the floor, keeping tripping hazards at bay and maintaining a slick visual appearance. Worried about the aftermath? No stress – our stickers peel off easily without leaving a mark, letting you switch things up hassle-free.

Made to Measure

Whether you're vibing with standard adhesive, need some hi-tack outdoor magic, or prefer the removable charm, we've got customisation options to suit your style. Just drop a note during the order journey to let us know your fancy. Quick heads-up – our stickers are DIN 51130 certified for slip resistance, and while we're all about quality, we're not superheroes and can't be held responsible for any indirectly related damages. We're all ears, ready to bring your ideas to life!

Alive with Colourful Charm

Dive into the world of vibrant hues and striking visuals with our custom floor stickers. Let your space come alive with dazzling designs, vivid colours, and graphics that captivate attention. Turn any area into a lively marketing canvas that leaves an unforgettable mark on everyone passing by.

Sturdy and Stylish

Our floor stickers aren't just pretty faces – they're built to go the distance. Wrapped in a scratch-proof laminate, they brave high-traffic zones like champs. The textured surface adds extra grip, making the stroll safer for everyone.

Tailored to Your Imagination

Unleash your creative spirit with floor stickers available in any shape or size. From logos and directional signs to eye-catching artwork and promo messages, our custom stickers are a playground of possibilities. Give your space a makeover and let your brand identity shine.

Level Up Your Promos with Personalised Floor Stickers. Order yours today and experience the impact of visually stunning, long-lasting, and uniquely designed stickers that set your brand apart.

*Quick heads-up: While the slip-resistant film is designed for grip, compatibility with all floor surfaces may vary. We suggest a tiny test in a hidden spot before the full application to ensure a snug fit. DIN 51130 certification vouches for slip resistance, and while we're sticklers for quality, we can't superhero our way through indirect damages. Your understanding is our strength!