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Stickers That Stick and StickerApp have officially merged. The same quality, care, and customer support, all under one cohesive adhesive umbrella. We hope you’ll keep sticking with us!

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Create customized stickers and labels tailored to your business identity. From logos to promotions, make a lasting impression with custom branded adhesive solutions.

Stuck between stickers and labels? Stickers add flair, labels add practicality. Opt for an adhesive option that makes your message stick or informs with precision.

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Make an informed decision for your brand’s visual identity with our Sample Pack, a sticker pack showcasing a wide range of materials, effects, and sticker possibilities.


The Sticker Strategy


"When it comes to business, sticker sheets are the ultimate promotional piece. Back paper printing is also great if you want to add social handles or your website to your sticker."

Red Halftone is a celebrated Stickerapp loving artist who uses stickers to sell her art far and wide. Red Halftone creates stickers of her art and utilizes the unique customization we allow with sticker sheets by using the paper to include vital information to her customers. This is also achievable with back paper printing which is a popular option for logo stickers.

Yamay soy Sauce

"With StickerApp, the quality of  the materials surpassed my expectations. The entire ordering and receiving process was seamless and highly satisfactory, thanks in part to the excellent consultation and assistance provided by their wonderful staff. "

With over 150 years of legacy, Yamay combines tradition with innovation, offering a culinary treasure cherished worldwide. For a new design of the visual identity Yamay printed their product labels and Thank You Notes with StickerApp to create a cohesive brand through communication, product


"With our rebranding to Kid, we've partnered with StickerApp and celebrated their swift service, outstanding quality, and quick turnarounds. Our mantra? More stickers, please!"

KID is a creative Agency that embraces the transformative impact of stickers, from enhancing client engagements to fostering internal pride. For the launch of their rebrand they created sticker packs to create a tangible way of storytelling that matches with their new brand.

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From redesigning your store front to personalizing your packaging, check out our featured sticker products. With customizable designs and versatile applications, use stickers across your business to streamline your branding, enhance visibility, and connect with your customers.

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Your brand has a unique identity. That’s why we offer a variety of materials so your stickers can match your unique aesthetic and needs. From our Clear material that can create beautiful transparent window stickers, to our Kraft paper, a favorite for rustic labeling.

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