FAQ Personalised stickers

Here you find everything you need to know how to make a personalised sticker

How to make Sticker Sheets?

You can make your own sticker sheets with custom sizes using any of our materials. 

How to set up your custom sticker sheets for print

  1. Choose Cutline as square option.
  2. Choose your Size as the total sheet size.
  3. Choose your Quantity and Material.
  4. Upload your file.
  5. Leave a comment on the order that this is a sheet and pay for your order.

Make Sticker Sheet StickerApp.


Setting up your file

Upload a vector PDF or layered PSD.

Your file should have a layer with your sticker artwork and a layer with your cutlines. And a separate background layer if you have a background image that is not part of the stickers.

Your file needs to have bleeds and safety margins for the cutting. Meaning that all cutlines need to be 2mm away from your art (safety margins) and have 2mm bleed.

There also needs to be 2mm between 2 cutlines.

Download the template for custom stickers here  

To learn how to make your own cutlines. If you cannot make your own cutlines, we can make them for you.

What is the minimum order for custom stickers?

The minimum order for personalised die cut stickers is £10. 

This option is for glossy-coated white vinyl. The quantity of stickers will depend on the size. The colour and cut do not affect the minimum order. You may go to our personalised sticker page to see additional prices. 

The minimum order for custom stickers is £10, this option is a sheet of stickers. This sheet is about an 30 x 20 cm page you can fill with as many stickers will fit. 

You can upload multiple designs here or fill the sheet with one design. These sheets are kiss cut where the individual sticker will peel away from the sheet.

Is there a discount on multiple designs?

We do not offer a discount on having multiple designs ordered at the same time. Since our minimum is so low we cannot offer any additional discount.

How to order custom sticker packs

We can make you custom sticker packs now of your very own stickers with a custom header card! We will assist you in setting up your sticker pack order. Go to personalised sticker pack page and get started

How to get started

  1. Decide what stickers you want in your packs. This includes what size, shape, and material.
  2. Decide how many packs you want to order, the minimum order is 100 packs. Our pricing for packs is based off on how many total packs you are looking to order, as well as the number of stickers per pack.
  3. Decide if you would like a custom header card to make your pack complete. If so, download the template here and design your header card.
  4. Email us your sticker files, completed header card template, and specifics for your pack and we will help set up your order.


The price for the custom packs includes the packing of your stickers into individual bags and adding the optional header card. The minimum order for custom sticker packs is 100 packs. 

Ready to order?

To begin your custom sticker packs email us at info@stickerapp.co.uk

Download the header template here

How do I get my stickers featured on your Instagram?

You simply place your order and our team will decide if we would like to post a picture of your stickers on our Instagram. We also must take time into consideration as we do not hold up our production line to take photos of the stickers. You can always post your own photo on Instagram and tag us with #stickerapp which we browse through daily.

Do you offer crack-back personalised stickers?

We can do crack-back stickers on our white and clear materials, if you would like to have this for your order, please leave a comment on the order. 

Do you offer crack-back custom stickers?

We can do crack-back stickers on our white and clear materials, if you would like to have this for your order, please leave a comment on the order. 

Is there a way to upload multiple designs at one time?

No, each design needs to be saved as an individual file and uploaded as its own sticker. You can then save that to your cart and upload your next file.

Can you print on the back of the stickers?

Yes, with our back paper printing feature, we can print in full colour on the back of our white and clear vinyl, holographic and mirror stickers. This is an awesome way to make your stickers really unique. You can use it to add a new dimension to your sticker or print your personal info. 

Try it out today!

Why are my stickers changing size when I upload my file?

When making stickers with the contour cutline, our editor will keep the original proportions of your artwork. 

For example: If your artwork is originally 5x3cm, with the contour cut, there is no way to make the stickers 5x3 cm. You will have to edit your artwork or use the circle/square stickers. 

What if I am not happy with my instant proof?

Our design team double-checks every sticker order and fixes all imperfections before production.

If you have a specific change of mind, you can write a comment on each sticker with your instructions.

We make sure to read all comments and will contact you if we have any questions. 

If you wish to see proof of your changes, you can also make a note to request a final proof of your stickers. 

Can stickers stick to cylinders or very rounded objects?

Our stickers are meant to stick to more flat surfaces. We do not guarantee our stickers to stick to cylinders or very curved surfaces. For example bike parts, chapstick, fishing rods, etc. will be too rounded for the stickers to securely stick around.

Since there are millions of products out there that we can put stickers on, we might not be able to accurately recommend if the sticker will stick to your product, we suggest ordering a minimum order run and testing before ordering the bulk order. 

What size do you recommend for stickers?

The sticker size depends on what you plan on using the stickers for.

However, the most popular size it about 7-10 cm to clearly see details of a design or easy-to-read text. 

Solange can give you more info:

Can you make stickers smaller than 3 cm?

The minimum size you can order on the site is 3 cm on either side, so you can place your order with the smallest size you can make it and then leave a comment for the final size, and we will fix it for you.

 What if I am not happy with my order?

If you receive your order and are not satisfied with it, please email us including your order number and a photo of what you are not happy with, so we can see what the problem is and how we can fix it.

We will work with you to fix the problem and make sure you are a happy customer.

Inappropriate content refusal

We are strong believers in freedom of speech and spreading your messages with stickers, however, we do reserve the right to refuse orders that we do not see appropriate, including but not limited to:

Imagery or artwork containing photographic mature content such as child pornography, overtly gory scenes, or suggestive of non-consensual abuse.  As well as, Imagery or artwork promoting violence or hatred.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team! 

Returns & Refunds

All custom stickers are made to order just for you. This means that we cannot reuse or recycle them, so if there is no obvious defect, we do not accept returns. There are several steps to making your stickers, once the stickers have been printed, it is too late to change or cancel your order. 

Of course, if there is an issue with your stickers and the defect fault falls on us, we will rectify that. Please email us with your name, order number, and photos showing what went wrong, so we can address the issue and find a solution whether it be a reprint, refund, or credit.

Order errors must be submitted within one week of delivery and if requesting a refund, all stickers must be accounted for. We may ask you to return the order or send proof of the order is destroyed. 

We do not issue refunds or reprints for errors such as the wrong size being ordered, design errors, or a change of heart once the order is already printed. Orders have produced the size that you see on the website, please check the final size on the website before placing your order as the original file sizes are not doubled checked.